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Radio Interview/Podcast: My Story of Healing Aspects of Photography + Success in Freelance

November-December is my month of talking about Emotional & Creative Healing, as well as wrapping up my Year of Healing. This all is part of my Year of Healing, in which I tackle different topics of healing each month. During the last remaining weeks of 2017, I will introduce you to the topics of how of creativity outlets like writing, creative movement, art, etc., can truly help you process difficult things. I will also speak about why healing matters for our world and wrap up my year-long series on the blog. 

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Today on the blog I have something really special to share with you all!

A few months back, a local radio show host and photographer, Mike J. Pach, reached out to me about being interviewed on the radio about my photography. He runs a weekly radio show called The Photo Show, as well as being highly connected in the photography circles in Colorado Springs, and he runs one of the biggest photography learning groups in Colorado.

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For anyone who doesn’t know, I am a full time freelancer that does writing, editing, and photography–although I don’t talk a lot about it on this site. My official freelance website is I have really taken off over the past 12 months especially, and I’m so honored and grateful for the work I get to do on a daily basis. However, I was humbled and honored that Mike would even think of and interviewing me, since I feel very new, in some ways, to the professional world of photography.

Since the interview was going to land in November, I felt that one of the things I’d love to discuss on the show was the healing aspect of photography. Many way not know that I actually began my journey into photography after my Kindred Spirit died in a cult. There was a specific moment right after I heard the news of her death and the cult that I share in this podcast (which I’ve written about here), and how I had to choose to focus on the beauty of the world no matter what. And in many ways, photography became one of those beautiful outlets of healing in my life after her death.

While I was nervous to get interviewed live on the radio, the experience was amazing, and the 30 minutes flew by! And I was truly honored to get to share a bit of my story and talk a little about my photography.

Our 30-minutes discussion on this The Photo Show radio interview/podcast includes:

~the therapeutic side of photography and creativity
~why creativity is truly needed to help process trauma, grief, and hard things
~a little about the ways the brain copes with hard things
~the importance of letting creativity into one’s life to handle stress, etc.
~a few thoughts on what is needed to become a professional photographer
~the important of networking as a photographer/freelancer

I hope that you listen to this and enjoy it!

Radio Interview/Podcast: My Story About the Healing Aspects of Photography + Success In Freelance