2017- A Year of Healing (3)

I have a word for 2017. It’s HEALING. And I want to do something exciting on this blog. I want to use the word HEALING as my theme for my content throughout 2017, because there are SO many aspects of healing I want to cover.

So what will this look like? I’m glad you asked. Every month, I will be writing posts, making videos or podcasts, and interviewing guests on a variety of healing-related topics. I’ll also be including guided prayer/meditations and basic yoga practices, as well as some art therapy projects. Basically, a whole lot of really cool stuff!

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2017 Blog Schedule: A Year of Healing

A Year of Healing (1)
February – Relational Health

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I’m going to wrestle with the topic of relational issues. This could be romantic relationships, or friendships, or family, etc. But what does healing look like in the context of relationships? What are signs of relational abuse, and what does it mean to truly give and receive love in a healthy manner?


March – Mental Healing

Depression, suicide, despair…these are words we’re all kind of scared to talk about; mental health is still such a controversial topic—a topic still so full of shame. It doesn’t have to be, and there are so many ways to tackle this subject, especially when you’ve had really hard things happen in your life. I personally have dealt with depression and know firsthand the struggles one can face. We’re gonna think about practical ways to take care of our minds. Yeah, it’s a thing.

April – Spiritual Healing

Okay, this topic maybe sounds weird to some of you, but spiritual health is actually something that truly needs to be wrestled with. I had a friend die in a cult, so this is a particular subject I really want to include. So what does spiritual health look like? Because not every church, pastor, or spiritual group is a good thing…and we need to be wrestling through these issues if we want spiritual vitality.

May – Physical Healing

As someone who has struggled with Lyme Disease for 10 years now, I am passionate about physical health and what it means to love and take care of one’s body—even in the midst of hardship. In fact, physical symptoms in the body often point to other issues we’re having inside ourselves. What does it mean to fully embrace one’s body, to love it, and to take care of it? I can’t wait for this month.

June – Creative Healing

For all those creatives out there, I want to tackle what it means to be healthy with our creativity. This will be a foreign concept to many, but it’s something that is crucial for vibrant creativity. I also want to provide various ways that anyone (not just amazing artists) can use creativity as an outlet for healing. This will be a fun month.

July – Sexuality, Gender, & Healing

Yes, I’m going there—because there are SO many toxic messages out there about sexuality (from both religious circles and nonreligious circles), and I really want to talk through this issue (from a heterosexual woman’s perspective). I will also be personally discussing how women can learn to embrace their sexuality and not hate themselves. Yes–this, too, is a thing.

August – Emotional Healing

So what about these dang emotions? I’m a feeler, so I’ve always been comfortable with emotions, but I’ve come to realize that a lot of people have no idea how to access or tap into their true emotional center—which is crucial to mental, physical, and spiritual health. Unresolved and stifled emotions are seriously the worst, so take it from me—you want emotional health.

September – Health in Our Community, Our World

Once we get here, I hope that you’ll have realized that health is not just about an individual, but how we interact with others and treat our world. This is one of the last topics, because if you haven’t learned to truly think through yourself and how to find healing—how will you ever truly care about your community, the world? We will think through issues like social justice and the environment.

October – Conclusion: A Healed Heart

The heart is the center of our bodies, and it is where our life springs from in so many ways. I will end this series by talking about this crucial element to our beings, and how opening our hearts in an often cruel world is vital to both personal health and the health of the world. I will be helping you learn to release negative emotions and find freedom in this core emotional, spiritual, and physical center.

Nov-Dec: I will be taking a needed vacation from blogging/social media to ensure that I am in a healthy, restful place for the next year. :)

If anyone has specific questions, or if anyone feels like they might have something to share during any of these months, contact me! I will be curating content for this, and I really want to share other people’s input, too.

So yay! Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to 2017!