How Can This Be? (A Poem About Christmas & the Awe of the Incarnation)

There is a lot of profound mystery tied to the Incarnation–the coming of the God of the Universe in the form of an infant. It’s something I often ponder with great wonder and awe. To celebrate Christmas Eve, I’m sharing a poem today that I wrote many years ago in awe of the birth of Christ.

Merry Christmas!


How Can This Be?

Baby voice cries,
Throat gurgles in pleasure,
Snorting, snuffling, and sighing…
A voice that commanded the entire universe
into existence and obedience.

Baby eyes blink,
Brows furrow in confusion,
Cross-eyed, feeble, and unfocused…
Eyes that watched the beginning
of creation, mankind, and the fall.

Baby hands reach,
Fingers curl in a fist,
Delicate, minuscule, and weak…
Hands that orchestrate the entire world in
a symphony of life and love.

Baby mind floats,
Knowing nothing in fact,
Impressions, shapes, and images
A mind that understands the story of the world
in the past, present and future.

Baby Christ arrives,
Sleeping soundly in human arms,
Mystery so profound, unfathomable, and strange…
The glorious, infinite God became an infant deity—
The Incarnation.
How can this be?


  • Tim

    Beautiful. The first moments of the incarnation of Christ in the stable are stunning in their simplicity.

    • David Kreek

      You have captured the absolute innocence of the newborn, and especially when that newborn is Jesus. Beautiful!

    • Thanks, Tim!