The Meaning of Christmas – Guest Post at Words By Mara

I’m guest-blogging over at a friend’s site today. Mara and I met via Twitter and became good friends this year through some hard circumstances (we both faced death of close friends). She’s a wonderful woman and blogger at Words by Mara. She’s a freelance writer and is a featured blogger on, if you’d like to check her out there, too.

She asked me to write about Christmas, and so I did. I really love the results. It was a good reminder for me, too, as I wrote about the things we should focus on during Christmas.

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The Meaning of Christmas

“What is your favorite Christmas memory?” It’s a question that seems to surface during the holidays quite often. When people ask me this question, I smile to myself as my mind drifts back to the Christmases I’ve experienced over the last 25 years of my life. There are so many memories.

There are the joyful memories.

Memories of eagerly anticipating Christmas morning. Memories of my siblings and I trying desperately to fall asleep, our dreams swirling with the thoughts of presents under the Christmas tree.

Memories of family gatherings with relatives. Of driving to Wyoming and staying in my grandparents’ wondrous home (it seemed so big when I was small), of playing cards with my cousins, of unwrapping presents under the gigantic tree.

Read the rest over at Words by Mara here.

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