5 Ways to Minister to Someone Who Is Grieving – Guest Post on asked me to share my thoughts on grief. So I did.

This is a rather raw article full of honesty. Grief seems to be a very uncomfortable subject for many.  I do hope that this will help people process their own grief and be there in deeper ways for others who are grieving.

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5 Ways to Minister to Someone Who Is Grieving

A year ago, one of my best friends died. She was 27 years old, newly married, in the prime of her life. We’d been friends since high school, and we’d kept in touch faithfully over the years. We were true Kindred Spirits. She cannot be replaced. She is gone.

I’d never lost someone very close to me, so the process of grief was new to me. Over the last year, I’ve learned a lot about the process of grief and how to help those who are grieving. Let me impart some wisdom to those of you who might want to help those who are grieving …

1. Think of grief as a journey in a foreign country.

There are all these articles about the stages of grief. Five stages of grief. Seven stages of grief. Yet grief is not a linear reaction that can be easily explained scientifically. It’s a spiritual and emotional journey that takes turns you never thought it would take. It’s like being dropped unexpectedly into a foreign land and forced to walk along a path where you have no idea where you’re going. You are simply walking along an unknown land, and everything is new and confusing and unexpected.

In my journey so far, I’ve had times of deep sorrow, of crippling anger, of dark despair and even of great joy. I have seen the beauty of life in deeper ways than I ever thought possible, yet I have also felt the pain of loss in ways I never thought I could feel. I have drawn near to God in ways unknown to me before, and He has drawn near to me.

I have both yelled and cried and laughed and worshiped. I am forever changed in both sorrowful and beautiful ways. I never know what the next week will hold, what the next month will look like, but I’ve embraced the journey.

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  • Lauralea

    I went and read the whole article, after seeing your post on fb about it and thinking “That sounds really necessary” but not having had taken the time till just now. Good job.