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Recently, I was asked to elaborate on Celtic Christianity for Here is my newly-expanded article that dives into the history of Celtic Christianity and ways we can implement it into our modern lives.

I’m so excited about this article. I’ve been doing so much research on this strain of Christianity, and it truly is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite topics.

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4 Reasons to Fall in Love With Celtic Christianity

by Teryn O’Brien

“Be Thou My Vision” is a well-known hymn written hundreds of years ago. The melody is both mystical and beautiful, the lyrics resolute and meaningful. Yet few know that the origins of the lyrics of “Be Thou My Vision” are from an ancient Irish hymn in Gaelic. This hymn is a fitting example of Celtic Christianity—a type of Christianity that spanned centuries and influenced early Christianity in deep and profound ways. A type of Christianity that, if embraced, can impact many more lives today.

Celtic Christianity started with St. Patrick in the fifth century (A.D.), who at 16 was captured by Irish pirates and brought to the Emerald Isle against his will. Having escaped, he returned, feeling called to share Christ with the Celts that dwelt in Ireland. There is little truly known about his life in Ireland, although legends abound. What is known is that St. Patrick had a profound impact on the Celtic pagans on Ireland’s shores. Ireland embraced Christianity, as did other Celtic countries like Scotland and Wales.

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