“Talent is Helpful in Writing, But…”

You know, this is a perfect quote for me right now.

To be honest, I’m struggling with some fear right now.

I’m afraid to start submitting my book to agents and publishers.
I’m afraid to start writing Book Two of my fantasy trilogy. I’m afraid to delve into painful topics on this blog.


I’m afraid that I’ll fail. That things won’t work out the way I want.
I’m afraid my deepest dreams won’t come true.
I’m afraid people will hate my story.
I’m afraid people will laugh and will judge.

I want so badly to fly. What if I tank and crash instead?

All of these things are thoughts I’m struggling with right now…and needless to say, I’m feeling pretty crippled right now.

Fear is always one of my biggest enemies. You’d think by now I’d be better at recognizing it for what it is and to fight it back before it gets me in a strangle hold.

I just need to fight these fears.

Because writing isn’t just about talent.
Writing is about guts.
It’s about putting your heart and soul on the page.
It’s about saying things that need to be said (even though some people might not like it).
It’s about shining light into the darkness.

It’s about giving hope to the hopeless,
comfort to the mourning,
joy to the pained.

It’s about meeting people in their own experiences by connecting them with yours.

So here I go.

(I need prayer.)

  • Elizabeth

    Teryn, I struggle with fear of failure a lot, too, and I found these two quotes meaningful today:
    1) “Neither of us is perfect; neither, may I hasten to add, are you. Perfection belongs to God.” –Miss Alice to Christy in “Judgement Day”
    2) “A mistake is simply an opportunity to make another decision.” – Rick Ackerly (http://geniusinchildren.org/2013/05/15/optimal-brain-development-requires-being-wrong-a-lot/)

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! I also loved the article about children’s development you posted. I was talking to one of my roommates about that very same concept a few days before. Even children have to learn by failing and trying again and again, and so do adults. It’s the same idea, and it always helps us learn and grow.

  • Butterflies have to fight their way out of their cocoons. That struggle makes their wings strong enough so once they’re out, they can fly. Don’t let fear or anxiety keep you inside the cocoon. Bust on out and spread those wings!

    • This is so true. We must struggle a little to get stronger and fly! Thanks for the encouragement.

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  • I think fear of failure and judgment is an inherent part of being a writer. Even writers who have been published dozens of times and get rave reviews for each book still get nervous about showing their work to other people.

    I’ve found that most of the time you just have to let go. Most of the time, the fear of judgment is just in your mind and even if you receive criticism, it’s not always as bad as you think it is.